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Home > Weightlifting Seminars

Weightlifting Seminars

Pendlay & Team MDUSA Seminars
Pendlay & Team MDUSA Seminars

Level One Seminar - This hands on seminar teaches the 3 step and top down method for learning the Olympic lifts. Attendees will have a bar in their hands most of the day. Each step of the learning process of the snatch, clean, and jerk are demonstrated and drilled till attendees are doing the whole lifts correctly. This is followed by an Elite athlete demonstrating the lift done as it should be done at full speed with heavy weight, then attendees work up themselves, with a high percentage normally making new PR's. Attendees should expect to not only be able to do the lifts correctly themselves at the end of the day, but to have learned a simple and easy to understand way to teach others to do the snatch and clean and jerk.
Level Two Seminar - This seminar assumes you have previously attended the Level 1 seminar, and takes up right where the Level 1 leaves off. The first half of the day is spent teaching methods and exercises to correct various mistakes normally made in the first few months of performing the lifts. Attendees are taught to diagnose technique problems or potential problems, and to assign the correct drills, corrective exercises or lift variations to correct and perfect technique as training continues throughout the beginner and intermediate stages. The second half of the day is spent discussing programming. Attendees are taken through how to correctly set up a beginners program, how to individualize the program according to specific strengths, weaknesses, or technique problems, and how to advance a lifter training from the beginner stage all the way through the intermediate and advanced stages. After taking this seminar attendees should expect to be able to successfully coach a beginner through the beginner and intermediate stages of training, including programming for strength and the continual improvement and perfecting of technique in the Olympic lifts.
About Glenn Pendlay
Glenn Pendlay is a USA Weightlifting Level 5 Coach, the highest accreditation for Olympic Lifting Coaches in the US. Glenn Pendlay has been coaching Olympic Weightlifting since the mid 1990's, and had his first lifter qualify for a national meet in 1996. His entry into the sport came in 1992 when he had the chance to learn how to do the lifts himself from Russian coach Alexander Medvedyev after attending the Junior World Powerlifting championships in Moscow. Medvedyev invited Glenn to stay for a while and train, and taught him the basics of Olympic Weightlifting.

This was a very life-changing experience. Glenn had started School at Kansas State University with the intention of graduating with a history degree and becoming a high school teacher. His experiences in Moscow, especially seeing the science aspect of training and human performance, made him change his major immediately upon getting back from Moscow to Exercise Physiology. He eventually graduated from KSU with a BS, and went on to get his Masters degree in the same field.

Glenn chose to do research in the field of endocrinology while completing his Masters degree, specifically studying how different levels of stress affect the endocrine system and how this in turn affects the body's adaptation to the stress. This research led to multiple papers being published in peer reviewed journals, and also to Glenn's' working with not only weightlifters, but athletes from as diverse of backgrounds as cyclists, skiers, and track and field athletes.

Wichita Falls Weightlifting was established in 1999 with Glenn as the head coach, and from 1999 to 2009 was one of the top-producing clubs in the USA. During his time as the coach of that club, Glenn produced over 90 national champions, over 20 medalists in international competition, and his athletes have broken as many as 10 American records in a single year. He has coached successful athletes all the way from 10 year old School Age National Champions, to Senior World Team member and Pan American medalist, to Masters World Champion and World Record holder. His teams also competed successfully for team championships, including 6 men's collegiate national team titles in 7 years, and a string of 3 Junior National team titles in a row!

Glenn now resides in Fort Mill, SC. He is the head coach for Team MDUSA, and currently coaches a group of athletes which includes 2013 Pan Am team members Travis Cooper & James Tatum.

The Catapult Weightlifting Certification Clinic

This clinic, directed by MDUSA Asst. Coach Don McCauley and Team MDUSA's Travis Cooper is a full 2 days of drills and coaching with the goal of teaching lifters how to Snatch and Clean & Jerk technically better and to know what to do when lifting and why to do it.  Included in the weekend clinic will be instruction on pre-work out preparation, stretches, post-workout recovery, as well as the Glenn Pendlay 3 position progression and the Pendlay Program.  After coaching attendees through the process and technique of each Olympic lift, there will be demonstrations of correct technique performed by elite level athletes done at full speed under heavy weight.  Additional spotlight sessions are provided on individualizing programming, beginning and intermediate training, and coaching cues for athletes and coaches. The text that guides the drills and lifting in this clinic is the book Power Trip: a guide to weightlifting for athletes, parents and coaches, written by Coach McCauley.

Coach McCauley’s approach to lifting is that humans performing the Olympic style lifts should use their bodies as catapults, rather than jump up into the air and shrug their shoulders. Whether your technique is one of the variations of the “S” pull or the so-called “Chinese Pull”, the basic movements still imitate the catapult. The fundamental idea is that lifters catapult the bar upwards and then launch themselves under the bar as it reaches its apex.

Both novice and experienced lifters will learn drills and get cues that will help their lifting immediately. Catapult Weightlifting Clinics are planned with more coaches per attendee than most other clinics. Class sizes will be limited in order to insure a high coach to attendee ratio and guarantees intense hands-on coaching for each person at the clinic.

Expect a step-by-step approach, from specific warm-up exercises to progressions drills to the completion of lifts. Each step is designed to teach the body and brain how to perform the lifts in a way that keeps the bar over the base of support, where it should be. At the end of the clinic there is a free lift session where lifters will put it all together and will lift better that day. Coach McCauley’s goal is to give athletes and coaches tools that will be easily recalled and used long after the clinic is over. Even if you have taken the one day Catapult seminar previously you will find the second day of training and additional instruction with Travis Cooper to provide substantial value to this clinic.

Each participant will receive a Catapult Weightlifting Certificate on completion of this course.

Coach Don McCauley

With over 30 years experience, Don McCauley’s resume has amassed several impressive credentials including certification as a USAW Sr. International Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Level 1 CrossFit® Trainer, respected author, Head Coach of the Catapult Weightlifting Team, owner of CrossFit Savannah and former high school strength and conditioning coach. Most recently, Coach McCauley has joined Team MDUSA’s weightlifting coaching staff full-time as assistant to Head Coach Glenn Pendlay.

Coach McCauley was the first to use the word catapult to describe how humans perform the Olympic lifts using weightlifting techniques employed by European and Chinese lifters. He has led a campaign to improve technique used by lifters in the U.S. He authored Power Trip: a guide to weightlifting for athletes, parents and coaches which was intended to be an introduction and guide for lifters trying to master the sport, for their parents who need information about these lifts and for coaches wanting to learn correct lifting drills and technique. It has become one of the most controversial and respected books on the subject of weightlifting technique and drills in print. His interpretation and explanation of modern weightlifting mechanics and technique have exploded the myth of “jump and shrug” as a proper method of teaching and performing the snatch and the clean.

Coach McCauley’s experience in coaching spans over thirty years, during which he has coached Olympians Cheryl Haworth and Holley Mangold, 1st Alternate to the Olympic Team, Suzanne Leathers, and 3 lifters that qualified for the Senior World Weightlifting Championships and Pan-Am Games. Four of McCauley’s athletes have qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials and his athletes have brought home a combined 6 medals in the U.S. Senior National Championships and American Open Championships. Anthony Martin, Josh Squyres, and Anthony Hernandez (Head trainer for Olympic lifts at CrossFit® Diesel) are among his national medal winners and international level lifters. Recently Coach McCauley has worked on Olympic lifting with CrossFit Games® competitor Elizabeth Akinwale.