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Home > Kettlebells > Kettlebell Styles > V3 Gray Series Kettlebells (kg) (Discontinued) - 35% Off
V3 Gray Series Kettlebell 4kg (Discontinued)
V3 Gray Series Kettlebell 4kg
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V3 Gray Series Kettlebell 4kg (Discontinued)

Part Number GSV34
Retail Price: $29.99
Your Savings: $15.05
Your Price: $22.99
On sale:
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MuscleDriver V3 Gray Series Kettlebells are a quality kettlebell at an incredible price. The V3 Gray Series Kettlebells are single cast with a 1.5-inch handle that makes it ideal for use and comfort. The Gray Series Kettlebells have a hammer-tone Gray finish with a slightly textured surface. The previous V2 Gray Series Kettlebell style had a rubber boot on the bottom of the bell. We switched to a wide based bottom without a rubber boot to make it easier to do kettlebell movements such as kettlebell push ups with greater control. Perfect for bulk ordering customers and those who want a great kettlebell at a low price.
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