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Home > Olympic Weightlifting Gear > Bumper Plates > Pendlay Econ V2 Bumper Plates
Pendlay Econ V2 Bumper Plate Set 210lb (Free Shipping)
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Pendlay Econ V2 Bumper Plate Set 210lb (Free Shipping)

Part Number PECO210
Retail Price: $360.00
Your Savings: $25.01
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Plates Included in Set
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***Pre-Order - Plates are estimated to ship December 5th from MDUSA's Fort Mill, SC warehouse.

Set includes 2 each of 45lb, 35lb, and 25lb.

Essential Data
Plate diameter: 450mm (IWF Standard is 450mm)
Collar opening: 50.4mm*
Insert type: Stainless Steel
Weight tolerance: +/- 10 grams of claimed weight
Coloring: A (graded: A through F)
Odor: Low
Classification: Black Economy Plate
Material: Virgin Rubber and Rubber Additives
Origin: China

The Pendlay Econ Version 2 has a flawless surface area with a higher and more consistent durometer reading (firmer) and more accurate weight to the claimed weight versus the original Pendlay Econ plates. Priced the same as the original Pendlay Econs.

*MuscleDriver USA only guarantees that bumpers plates will fit properly on Pendlay Bars, York Bars, Rogue Bars and all IWF certified bars. Low end bars are not manufactured with strict tolerances for the collar diameter. Collar diameter for quality bars is in the range of 49.70mm-50mm. Pendlay Bars are an exact 50mm which conforms with IWF requirements.

Durometer Reading
What is a Shore Durometer reading?
Shore Durometer is one of several measures to test the hardness of a material. Hardness may be defined as a material's resistance to permanent indentation and total failure (examples of total failure; insert coming out, rubber seperating, plates warping). We consider anything over 65 acceptable for a quality bumper plate. The maximum reading we have tested on a bumper plate is 96 (CAP 10lb). The overall maximum reading that can be achieved is 100. Higher reading bumper plates are likely to resist indentations and total failure than lower reading bumper plates.

We understand there are many ways to define the quality and cosistency of bumper plates. However, we feel that this type of testing is statistically valid and objective.

Pendlay Econ V2 Durometer Reading Statistics
(from a random sampling of 20 plates)
Average Durometer Reading - 88.35 (excellent)
Durometer Range - 4 (excellent)
Durometer Standard Deviation - 1.7 (excellent)

High durometer readings indicates a high material quality. Low numbers for the durometers range and standard deviation indicates consistent manufacturing.
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