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MDUSA Fall 2014 Open - Sept 27th & 28th, 2014 **Registration Closed**
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MDUSA Fall 2014 Open - Sept 27th & 28th, 2014 **Registration Closed**

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-Athlete's Name:

-Date of Birth (Please indicate if you are a youth athlete):

-Best Snatch (kg):

-Best Clean & Jerk (kg):

-Best Competition Total (kg):

-Weightlifting Club (Optional, Please mark unattached if none):

-USAW Membership #:

-# Additional Spectators Attending:

Are you interested in trying out for Team MDUSA?
Email a friend Email a friend

MDUSA Fall 2014 Open & Team MDUSA Tryout

***Registration will begin at 10am EST on August 18th, 2014.***

Everyone is invited to join us for MDUSA's Fall 2014 Weight Lifting Open and Team MDUSA Tryout. There is no cost for the event both for registrants and spectators. This is an open event and anyone can try out for the team. We welcome people looking to tryout for the team and others just looking for a fun day of competition. All abilities are welcome and we will take as many people that we can for the meet.

MDUSA is looking for athletes across a wide range based on many factors including (but not limited to) potential, athletic ability, condition, and character. Building this team is a long term process and developing promising talent is a high priority for Team MDUSA.

In addition to the event we will also have tours of our facility and awesome sales that are only available at our events.

Meet Requirements
- This is a USAW Sanctioned event #55-14-03. USAW Membership is required for all participants.

- Male lifters have to open within 20kg of their submitted totals, female lifters have to open within 15kg of their submitted totals. 

- First session starts at 9am on Saturday and Sunday. Weigh-ins will be 2 hours prior to lifters session.

- We expect 10-15 lifters per session, we may run up to sessions.

- Lifters will be notified of session time 7 days prior to event.

- Rankings will be posted by Sinclair.

If you have any questions please email teammdusa@muscledriverusa.com.
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