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About Us

Starting with the Gray Series Kettlebell in 2007, Brad Hess launched MuscleDriver USA, in Fort Mill, SC.  It took only a few months for MDUSA to start growing our product line to be on everyone's list as a dependable, high quality equipment supplier. MDUSA quickly established our direct supply chain with manufacturers to rapidly expand the MDUSA brand.  In 2008 MDUSA further proved its commitment to the best Olympic Lifting products by purchasing Pendlay Barbells.  With the new joint venture, Glenn Pendlay, a Level 5 USA Weightlifting coach, brought a new level of product development, as well as the experience of coaching high-level athletes. Glenn’s Olympic Lifting experience and Brad’s commitment to the sport of Olympic Lifting led to the "Pendlay" branded line of Olympic Lifting equipment.

In June 2012 MDUSA formed Team MDUSA.  The team is like no other in the US as we stipend Olympic Lifting athletes to train at MDUSA's 10,000 sq ft on site gym to provide them with full-time coaching and a training facility to allow them to focus on their sport without outside distraction. This is an opportunity that only the Olympic Training Center was providing to Olympic Lifting athletes in the US.

One of the most impressive additions to MDUSA’s facility was adding in-house machining and metal fabrication.  Machining was added in January 2013, a project that was 4 years in the making bringing all Pendlay Bar manufacturing into MDUSA's facility in Fort Mill, SC. This allows MDUSA unprecedented control over all bar manufacturing with total control over product quality. MDUSA's fabrication unit was created in 2010 and was an instant success with continued growth each year. All fabricated items such as squat stands, stag racks, weight racks, etc. are all produced from raw material to finished products at MDUSA's facility.

In addition to our offices, warehouse, fabrication, machining, and assembly departments, MDUSA also has our own print shop in the same building in Fort Mill, SC.  All Pendlay Elite bumper plates are printed at MDUSA along with custom plate printing which we do for many other customers. We also print t-shirts, make banners and even print all end caps for our Pendlay Bars. 

The reputation of MDUSA’s products has spread worldwide which led MDUSA to expand to selling our products internationally.  In addition to our own international department, MDUSA has several international resellers all over the world, including MuscleDriver Australia and MuscleDriver Canada. 

For all the latest updates, sales and events stay tuned to our Facebook page for all current events at MDUSA.

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