3x3 Elite Stag Rack

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3x3 Elite Stag Rack

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MDUSA 3x3 Elite Stag Rack

For pricing and to order your customized MDUSA 3x3 Elite Stag Rack, Call our Gym Outfitting specialist at 803-802-3238 or email gymoutfitting@muscledriverusa.com. Free Shipping for your entire order when you purchase a 14' 3x3 Stag Rack system or larger in the Continental US.

The MDUSA 3x3 Elite Stag Rack is our most versatile and sturdy racking system. Every gym is different and thats why every 3x3 rack is customized. This rack was designed for all the components to be interchangeable in order to create a rack that truly fits each gyms needs. The 3x3s modular design allows for easy additions to the rig as your gym expands, as well as the ability to adjust heights and locations of components if you find your gyms needs change. Our 3x3 Elite Stag Rack comes with standard features far exceeding other racks on the market creating a sturdy and stable rig with the additional options gyms are looking for.

Standard on all MDUSA 3x3 Elite Stag Racks:
- 3x3 7 gauge steel square tubing for all 10ft uprights and upright extensions, unlike competitors that use a thinner 11 gauge steel.
- Uprights are laser cut to insure consistency of hole pattern and location.
- All top crossmembers also utilize 3x3 11 gauge steel for added structural support.
- We offer 21 powder coating colors at no additional cost.
- Pull-up bars can be adjusted in 3 increments from 7ft to 9ft heights in each section of the rig.
- Pull-up bars are standard 1.25 diameter and are recommended to be powder coated in matte black for optimal grip.
- Designed with alternating 4ft and 6ft sections to provide squat stands in each 4ft section.
- Every 4ft section comes with a set of J-latches.
- Corner steel gussets on top of every corner stabilize rig from motion.
- 26 available positions in 2 increments for J-latch and dip attachment heights.
- Top cross members can be adjusted to inside location to provide clearance from pull-up bars for bar muscle-ups.
- Top cross members can be utilized as ring mounts.
- Rack comes standard with pull-up bars on interior of rig as well as exterior to provide the greatest amount of pull-up bar space while providing the greatest amount of stability.
- Can be designed in freestanding or wall-mount configurations.

Available Add-Ons for the 3x3 Elite Stag Rack:
- 2ft upright extensions available to create 12ft uprights. The perfect height for ring mounts and bar muscle ups.
- 5ft Upright extensions available to create 15ft uprights. The perfect height for rope mounts.
- Angled top cross members available for racks with multiple height uprights.
- Additional top cross members can be utilized for ring mounts.
- Additional Pull-up bars can be utilized for monkey bars. Locations for monkey bar attachments are standard and monkey bars can always be added at a later time.
- 1 diameter pull-up bar is available in both 4ft and 6ft lengths.
- Wood pull-up bar to provide natural grip surface available in 4ft length.
- Standard and Custom Wall Ball Targets available.
- Dip Attachments available.
- Safety Arms available.
- Heavy duty foot plate attachments are available for competition racks that cannot be bolted into the floor at events.

3D Rendering Samples
Please see the 3D rendering samples below of the 3x3 Elite Stag Racks. The renderings are to give customers ideas of options to build the perfect rack for your gym.
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Two Tone Color Option
All Racking is available to have a two-tone powder coating, there is no upcharge for racking to have this option as long as the colors are chosen from our standard color options (images below). Matte Black is recommended for all pull-up bar sections as the finish is the best grip for pull-ups.

Made in USA