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Home > MDUSA Stag Racks > 2x3 Stag Rack

2x3 Stag Rack

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MDUSA 2x3 Stag Rack

To order your customized MDUSA 2x3 Stag Rack, Call our Racking specialists at 803-835-6881 or email gymoutfitting@muscledriverusa.com. Free Shipping on 24' 2x3 Stag Rack system or larger in the Continental US.

Our 2x3 Standard Stag Racking System is our standard racking system. Our 2x3 Stag Rack was designed to provide pull-up bar height options at 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft as well as additional stability by bracing the pull-up bar with the top crossmember. Each upright is 10ft tall and is made from 2"x 3" 11 gauge steel for a lifetime of stability. Uprights have 18 locations for latch placement. You will find even as a standard racking system, the 2x3 Stag Rack provides many standard features that are considered up-grades compared with other racking systems.

MDUSA 2x3 Stag Rack Pricing
Free Standing Racking System Wall Mounted Racking System
First 10ft Section - $1699.99- Includes one each of 6ft and 4ft section and two pairs of J-Latches. First 10ft Section - $1099.99 - Includes one each of 6ft and 4ft section and one pair of J-Latches.
First 14ft Section - $2449.99 - Includes one 6ft and two 4ft sections and four pairs of J-Latches. First 14ft Section - $1549.99 - Includes one 6ft and two 4ft sections and two pairs of J-Latches.
Each additional 10ft Section$1399.99 - Includes one 6ft and one 4ft section and two pairs of J-Latches. The additional 10ft section comes with the correct parts to tie into an existing system, this option cannot be ordered by itself to complete a 10ft rack. Each additional 10ft Section$849.99 - Includes one 6ft and one 4ft section and one pair of J-Latches. The additional 10ft section comes with the correct parts to tie into an existing system, this option cannot be ordered by itself to complete a 10ft rack.
Cage Style (double sided) Racking Systems are also available, these are custom quoted.

Optional Equipment - Images in above slideshow
0-90 Adjustable Bench - $499.99
Flat Weight Bench - $224.99
Weight Horns (pair) - $79.99
Safety Arms (pair) - $156.99
Dip Attachment - $122.99
Ring Mount for 4' Section - $60.99
Ring Mount for 6' Section - $66.99
Wall Ball Targets - $69.99
Extra Pair of J-Latches - $82.99
10" Dia. Medicine Ball Holder - $39.99
7" Dia. Medicine Ball Holder - $34.99

Standard on all MDUSA 2x3 Stag Racks:
- 2”x3” 11 gauge steel tubing for our 10ft uprights.
- Uprights are laser cut to insure consistency of hole pattern and location.
- All standard powder coated colors are available at no additional cost.
- Pull-up bars are standard 1.25” diameter and are recommended to be powder coated in matte black for optimal grip. No additional charge for 1” diameter option (only available on 7ft pull-up height sections)
- Designed to have alternating 4ft and 6ft sections to provide squat stands in each 4ft section. Every 4ft section comes with a set of J-latches.
- Top crossmember and pull-up bar are braced together to provide additional stability.
- 18 available positions in 3” increments for J-latch and dip attachment heights.
- 2x3 Standard Stag Rack is quoted with pull-up bars on interior of rig as well to provide the maximum amount of pull-up bar space while providing the greatest amount of stability.
- Can be designed in freestanding, wall-mount or cage style (double sided) configurations.

Two Tone Color Option
All Racking is available to have a two-tone powder coating, there is no upcharge for racking to have this option as long as the colors are chosen from our standard color options (images below). Matte Black is recommended for all pull-up bar sections as the finish is the best grip for pull-ups.

Made in USA